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SS atelier

SS atelier

SS atelierのデザイナー Seoyoung Shinは、ソウルでインテリアと建築を学んだ後ミラノのSDA Bocconiにてファッションとデザインマネージメントを学ぶ。ミラノ在住の間プラダのコミュニケーション部門に従事。

Seoyoung Shin who is designer of SS atelier, after studied interior architecture in Seoul, Fashion, Experience and Design management at SDA Bocconi in Milan. She moved to Sweden to learn about textile design and craft at Capellagården in Öland. While she lived in Milan, she used to work at Prada communication department. She now opened her own studio in Malmö in Sweden.
She also launched her own textile brand ‘boiida’. ‘boiida’ is a textile brand based on craft, design, and quality. It was established by her in the motif of ‘permeating into everyday life, giving unrecognized abundance’. The items are produced in old Swedish mills located in the west part of Sweden.