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Ionna Vautrin

Ionna Vautrin

2002年lécole de design Nantes Atlantique卒業。
2002年以来、Camper、George J. Sowden、Ronan & Erwan Bouroullecで経験を積みながら並行して、Industreal、the Tools Galerie、Wallpaperとのプロジェクトを進める。
最近では、Foscarini, Moustache, Kvadrat, Monoprix 等とコラボレーションしている。
2011年1月、Grand Prize of the creation of the city of Parisの受賞をきっかけに自身のスタジオを設立。


Ionna Vautrin was born in 1979 in France.
She graduated in 2002 from l'école de design Nantes Atlantique. She lives and works in Paris. Since 2002 she has worked successively for Camper in Spain, for George J. Sowden in Italy and for Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in France. At the same time she developed her own projects with differents editors: starting with Industreal, the Tools Galerie, Wallpaper and more recently for Foscarini, Moustache, Kvadrat, Monoprix etc. She opened her own studio in January 2011 after receiving the Grand Prize of the creation of the city of Paris.
Simple, functional and surprising, the design proposed by Ionna Vautrin is without austerity, playful and dotted with humor. The broad smile and the laughing eyes explain perhaps the joyful impression that emerges from its acidulous creations, all curves and roundness. Spontaneous and intuitive, Ionna Vautrin creates objects like so many characters populating a soft universe, feminine and poetic. Never short of ideas, she also imagines costumes for children or improvised illustrator successfully.