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Inge Rylant

Inge Rylant
Illustrator / Print Designer

Inge Rylantは、1987年生まれのベルギー、アントワープ出身のイラストレーター兼ビジュアルアーティストです。彼女の作品は、描画の基本である色と構図に焦点を当て、不要なものをすべて取り除いた図案で構成されています。彼女は作品をデジタルで制作していますが、どこかアナログな風合いを感じさせます。クライアントは多岐にわたり、印刷雑誌、デザイン会社、Valerieオブジェクト、Brabantia、Kewloxなどのインテリアブランドからの依頼を受けています。


2018年、Ingeは「東洋と西洋の出会い」をテーマとして、日本の芸術、デザイン、建築を研究してきました。日本の美学は、彼女の視覚的言語と見事に調和しています。日本発のプロジェクトであるträffa träffaとの出会いは、素晴らしいコラボレーションとなりました。

Inge is an illustrator and visual artist from Antwerp, Belgium. Her work consists of drawings that are stripped bare of all the unnecessary, focusing on the fundamentals of the image: color and composition. Although she draws digitally on her computer the result is often analogue. Inge does commissioned work for print magazines, design companies and interior brands like Valerie objects, Brabantia, Kewlox and many others.

Most of Inge’s work consists of interpretations of design and architecture that surrounds us in our daily life. Inge is like a sponge, absorbing art, photos, books, posters, interiors, buildings and street views, which she uses as a starting point to create her personal utopia. In other words, she constructs an abstract blueprint of the world of today.

Over the last year, Inge has been interpreting the theme of ‘East meets West’ and has been researching Japanese art, design and architecture. The sober aesthetics of Japan blend perfectly with her visual language. That’s why Träffa Träffa proofed to be the perfect partner for this interior textile project.

主なクライアント / Clients
De Morgen Magazine
Sabato, Nest
Knack Weekend
De Standaard Magazine
De Studio
Valerie Traan
Design Vlaanderen
Valerie Objects
Flanders DC
Van Halewyck
Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
Anne Kurris
Fred & Ginger
Lily Balou
Dirk Van Saene
Interieur Kortrijk
Max & Lola

展示会 / Exhibitions
Almost perfect gallery, Tokyo, Japan
The New Masters, Kortrijk, Belgium
Mirrors - Colapso Studio, Almost perfect gallery, Tokyo, Japan
The New Masters, Kortrijk, Belgium
Mirrors - Colapso Studio, Barcelona, Spain
Hard//Hoofd, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
D.A.T.E. Lab, Antwerp, Belgium
The Cutlery Project, Paris, France
The Belgian Village, Milan, Italy
De Invasie toont, Ghent, Belgium
De Nieuwe Oogst, Brussels, Belgium
Kaleid, London, United Kingdom
Mad Surprize, Brussels, Belgium
Linda, Antwerp, Belgium
Play Time, Antwerp, Belgium
Jerwood Visual YCN, London, United Kingdom

学歴 / Education
Master Visual Arts and Design, Antwerp, Belgium - Graduated with honours

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